Now since you have come so far let me tell you

                        something more about myself !!!
Born in Madikeri, Kodagu. Had my schooling in Bangalore at Kumaran's High School.
Did Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University.
I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering department at Texas A&M University Kingsville.
Academically, I like CAD and Microprocessor related topics- especially the ones which makes me explore some new/latest features.
If I am not sinking my head into a terminal on some project, I do something useful
I enjoy listening to Music, Rock and soft rock being my favorites, I listen to classical music on radio (depending on my moods).
I like gardening and aquariums and had a good garden & a beautiful aquarium In Bangalore, but here in Kingsville, I do not have time or space for such pursuits.
I enjoy writing as a freelance writer for Electronics For You, India's largest circulated electronics magazine.
I like writing and reading poems, read some of my works in the poems section.