Fake note test

I had been to the Manager of a branch of Syndicate Bank, a good friend of mine. He seemed pretty tense. As I sat there talking to him, he started telling me how the problem of fake notes was on the rise. He went on to explain how it was impossible to check all the notes that come into the bank. ''Most cashiers can recognise them by the feel, but that`s not the way out,`` he said.

The situation was really serious. ''Hey, I know how you can detect fake notes,`` I said. My friend became curious. ''What is it?`` he eagerly asked.

I took out a one hundred rupee note and handed it over to him. ''Fold it,`` I said. He promptly did it. ''One more fold,`` I said. And this went on till the rupee note became really small. ''Take some hard object and hit the note,`` I instructed him. Intrigued and yet curious, he ran out and came back with a stone and hit the note hard. ''What next?`` he asked. ''Open the note,`` I said, and seriously continued,

''If Gandhi`s glasses are broken, it`s a fake note for sure!``

Ganesh K R,